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Sue Knight ''Portrayed by: Brenna Harding General Information: Full Name: Susan Knight 'Nickname: Sue 'Occupation: Student at Greenhill High Travelling with Debbie Relationships Danny Dixon (ex-boyfriend) Woody (boyfriend) Debbie Vickers (best friend) Family Pam Knight (mother) Roger Knight (father) Lori Knight (sister) Friends Debbie Vickers (best friend) Gary Hennessy Cheryl Hayes Vicky Enemies Danny Dixon Series information Status: Alive First appearance: 'Pilot' Last appearance: Season 2 finale

Susan 'Sue' Knight is a character on Channel Ten's Puberty Blues. She is best friends with Debbie Vickers, and they both aim to hang out with the Greenhill gang. She gets a boyfriend named Danny Dixon, but they eventually break up.



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Season 1 Edit

Sue and Debbie get a spot near the back of the bus, where the Greenhill gang sit. They manage to keep the spot, although they are pelted with fruit. They both idolise and practically drool over the Greenhill boys and find the Greenhill girls inspiring. Sue and Debbie consider smoking in order to make them seem more cool. That night, Sue goes to the diner with her parents and meets up with Debbie, then they go around the back where the teenagers hang out with. Debbie gets Sue to drop Ben for her and the pair of them catch their science teacher Mr. Kandie throwing up, presumably because of heavy drinking. Sue and Debbie attempt to make their way into the gang by bribing Cheryl and Vicki with stolen cigarettes, but Cheryl and Vicki accept the cigarettes without a hint of gratefulness and call them 'molls' as they walk away. Despite this, Sue and Debbie become excited as they leave. On the weekend, they go to the beach and admire the Greenhill gang from afar.


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