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Danny Dixon is a character on Channel Ten's Puberty Blues. He is often perceived as rude and bossy, but tends to joke around when he's with the Greenhills boys. He is portrayed by Dylan Goodearl.


Danny lives with his brother Dale and alcoholic father. In Season 1 he starts dating Sue, they have a long relationship and he gives her a ring. Their relationship comes to an end when Sue realises he is using her for sex.


Season 1[]

Danny is introduced as one of the Greenhills boys that Sue takes an interest in. They date for a while until Sue sees there is no emotional connection between them, and that Danny is using her for sex. Danny gets revenge by hooking up with Cheryl in front of her.

Season 2[]

Danny and Bruce start robbing fish and chip shops to entertain themselves. Danny also starts taking drugs and is often found passed out by Gary.


Season 1:

Season 2: