Cheryl Hayes, portrayed by Charlotte Best, in the first season comes off like a terrible moll who loves to pop her fruit pouches on the two heroines, Sue and Debbie. After Debbie and Sue show their loyalty and finally get to hang with the Greenhill Gang, Cheryl gives tips on how to get rooted. At the start of season 2 Cheryl reveals she is "up the duff" (pregnant), sending Debbie and Sue on a mission to help Cheryl get an abortion. With the help of her friends, Cheryl recieves the money she needs and gets escorted to the clinic by Debbie while Sue and Vicki wait outside. After the abortion, Cheryl remains to get pissed and fall down causing Debbie and Sue to come to her rescue yet again. As the show focuses on Cheryl, it becomes obvious that she is held back by her Mum's terrible boyfriend and partying habits. In the first episode of season 2 Debbie's mum finds the clinic receipt in her daughter's coat and decides to send Debbie to an all-girls boarding school--two hours away from Cronulla. Shortly after Debbie is shipped away, Cheryl moves in with the Vickers. Cheryl's teasing toward Debbie could be seen as jealousy because a whole family, with a father who wasn't a pervert, is something she never had. With the guidance in Mrs Vickers, Debbies Mum, Cheryl turns out to be a really good person who has goals to attend university and become a teacher. and doesn’t consume alcohol

In season 2,Cheryl's storyline heavily focuses on the sexual and physical abuse she receives from her step father,Nathan Snr.It is alluded to that Sheryl's step father raped her and this is how she became pregnant.

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